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Athena and Mia have to punish their slave. They have decided that he doesn't deserve to feel their feet all over his body, only on his throat. They decide that for a punishment, they will cover his eyes and take time trampling his neck. They take turns in stepping on his throat, sometimes pausing for emphasis. They walk bare foot on this slave repeatedly and to his never ending pleasure.

This masked slave is so used to being punished and humiliated by his mistress that it does not surprised him the pain she is putting him through today. She makes him lie down on the hard floor while she screams at him. Next, she begins walking all over him with her strong feet, trampling him underneath her weight. Her heels are really sharp and they dig into his poor stomach.

This sexy mistress has an obsession with trampling and her foot slave is going to let her trample all over him. He is used to getting punished and humiliated all the time by her. She makes him wear a blindfold and then she uses her high heels to press into his stomach. Her sharp heels dig into his flesh and leave prints all over him. She even tramples his face.

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