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Lady Despina loves to foot dominate and that is what she did today. She taught her friend how to do it and her friend loved the fact that she showed her what to do and how to do it. The two of them had a great time dominating this loser who was their foot slave at the same time. He could not afford to say no to the two mistresses.

Lady Victoria loves to humiliate and that is what she did today. It was more fun than she had thought it was going to be. The mistress loved the fact that she had a scared loser who she humiliated for her own fun and enjoyment. The guy could not say anything as he was too afraid of her and what she could do to him if he spoke or pissed her off.

With her boots, lady Layla punished this girl and made her feel pain and humiliation. The girl could not believe that she had been caught and was being punished as well as being made accountable for her actions. She never wanted to mess with her after that and that is why she was quick to beg her for mercy. The mistress agreed to forgive her as she sounded genuine in her plea for forgiveness.

Mistress CatDeluxe needed to punish this guy because he had made them make bad investments. He had lied to them and misled them and that was not ok with them. Things had to change and they had to be punished. That is why the mistresses chose to use their feet to degrade him and also make them lick and chew their smelly and sweaty socks. They had no choice but to do it.

Lady Nataly needed to dominate this contractor so that he knew how to work better. She did not want to lose her money and had to get her money's worth. That is why she opted to dominate and humiliate this loser. She foot gagged him with her high heel boots and the guy loved what happened and how it happened. He apologized for the wrongs he had done and he made amends.

Lady Tassia loves a good foot rub and that is what she wanted today. But she knew that her new slave did not know how to give her the kind of rub she wanted. So it was up to her to teach him what she wanted him to learn. That is why she chose to make him learn how to lick her feet, how to rub them as well as how to worship and pamper them.

Mistress Tatjana did not want to let this guy off the hook for what he had done. She had to use a different way of punishing him and that is why she chose to cruelly trample him and make sure that he learned his lesson in a manner he had never expected. So she stood on his face and made him cry like a baby. He never forgot it but he never messed with her again.

Lady Tassia needed to make sure that this guy was degraded. She had to make sure that she taught him that she was not going to let him get away with anything bad. But if he did well, she was also capable of rewarding him. So she both had him lick her feet and gagged him and then she gave him a footjob to show him what she was capable of.

Mistress Dula had a friend who needed to know how to punish losers and slaves so she taught her how it was done. She taught her using one of the losers that needed to be punished. The mistresses had him lick the soles of their boots and that is how he learned his lesson the hard way and he never messed up again because he was afraid of what would happen.

Mistress Madison did not know how she had ended up with a proud slave but it was something she was not going to condone. She had to make sure it changed and she did so using her foot fetish. The mistress had the guy lick as well as pamper her feet before she was done with him. He had been warned that if he did not do what she wanted, he would find himself in hot soup.

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